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Dr. Bernard SONG
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Latest News! - Dr. Song was appointed as the Chief English-Mandarin (Chinese) Simultaneous Interpreter for the 2010 WCS (World Cities Summit) Mayors' Forum held in Ritz Carlton Millenium Hotel, Singapore. The attendees are mayors and governors from over 40 cities from the five continents of the world. The host - Centre for Livable Cities (CLC) will partner with World Bank (WB), UN-HABITAT and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to develop this forum into a global network that promotes best practices and peer-to-peer learning.

Latest News! - Dr. Song has just completed the teaching of a 3-day intensive Consecutive Interpretation Coaching Camp specially designed for MINDEF (Ministry of Defense) Singapore.

Latest News! - Dr. Song was invited as the Chief Mandarin (Chinese)-English Simultaneous Interpreter for APEC CEO Summit 2009 held in Suntec Singapore. This summit is of the paramount importance to the industry leaders and the public in APEC's 21 economies. 14 APEC leaders including Chinese President Hu Jintao, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Korean President Lee Myung-Bak, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, etc. as well as the world's top business leaders made presentations on the summit. This has been the largest APEC CEO Summit ever in the 20 years of APEC's history since its establishment in 1989. To check out more on "inside the booth" stories, please visit Dr. Song's blog here or go to My Blogs for a timely preview.

Latest News! - Dr. Song is invited as an Associate Lecturer for the B.A. program in Translation and Interpretation (BATI) by SIM University(UNISIM), Singapore. He is teaching English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation (CTI302) this semester. BATI is the only degree program in Singapore that offers simultaenous interpretation training to the students. SIM University is the 4th local university (after National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University) to award degrees recognized by the Singapore government.
Latest News! - Dr. Song has been elevated to ATA (American Translator's Association) Corresponding Member. ATA is a member of the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT). His profile on ATA website can be found here.

Being a conference interpreter and translator for over 10 years, Dr. Bernard Song has affluent experience in English to Chinese Interpretation/Translation and vice versa. His practice has included interpreting for the world's most influential leaders, public speakers, entrepreneurs, and scientists. He is also actively involved in the translation of technical, finance, and literature books. His first translated book Every Family was published in 2007. Dr. Song has also had consulting experience providing multiple language interpreter teams to large-scale conferences and events, based on his wide network of senior interpreters in Asia Pacific region. Please find the detailed bio of Dr. Bernard Song here. As a prominent star in the interpretation/translation industry, Dr. Bernard Song, based in Singapore, will provide the best interpretation and translation services for any individual or company from around the world! If you are looking for a premier-quality interpreter or translator from English to Chinese (Mandarin) or vice versa, or if you are organizing a large conference with multiple language interpreting needs, please do not hesitate to contact him!