3 Steps to Making a Successful Multi-Lingual Virtual Event

With the covid-19 pandemic situation rampaged around the world, for the safety and health of ourselves, more and more people have chosen to work from home and plan to move more meetings and events from onsite to online. With speakers and attendees from different parts of the world joining in a virtual meeting, cross-cultural and cross-language communication would be crucial to the success of such events, on top of reliable virtual meeting platforms.

Considerations When Using Remote Simultaneous Interpreting During the Pandemics

When we talk about conference interpreting, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a bunch of interpreters translating while looking through the glasses of their booths at the speaker in a conference room with a large audience. However, today I am going to discuss about a different scenario – remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), which relies on internet, Wi-Fi and cloud computing technologies.