He is one of the most talented I have ever seen being such a successful simultaneous interpreter and translator at such a young age. Dr. Song is also an outstanding translator with over 8 years’ experience in scientific, engineering, finance, marketing and general translations. He has helped me with some article translations occasionally, and last year he translated my book Every Family which I am very satisfied with. Besides, he is always an optimistic, helpful person with his own dreams. And I wish him all the best as a successful conference interpreter and translator.


Mary Loo, Director of Propnex Realty Pte Ltd,
the largest Real-Estate agency in Singapore

He impressed me first in a Chinese-to-English interpretation project. At first without looking at him I thought it was a native American speaker who was doing the interpretation. He always finished translation projects faster than my other freelance translators with high quality. Being a self-taught simultaneous interpreter, he is even much better than the school-trained interpreters. I firmly believe that he is very professional in skills and ethics with long-time practical experience in this industry.


Horpton Li, Business Director of ACTC Translation Centre.

He is humorous and open-minded, easy-going and always ready to acquire new knowledge. My client base ranges widely from marketing & finance to engineering & science, for all the projects assigned to Bernard, be it interpretation or translation, he would always deliver fast with high quality.


Adria Chew, Manager of TTI Translations, a division of
Proteus International Group.

Dr. Bernard Song is one of most extraordinary simultaneous interpreters I have ever seen in conference interpretation. He excels with his wide range of knowledge in IT, Engineering, Finance, Marketing and Tourism, etc. and distinguishes himself from other conference interpreters by providing simultaneous interpretation for ultra-intensive training workshops and seminars. He is also an excellent translator providing quality service and fast delivery. It is my pleasure to work with him on many occasions and my clients all gave him ‘A’s in the feedback forms.


Michael Wang, Senior Project Manager of
China-Link International Translation & Consulting Centre