About Me

Dr. Bernard Song is an internationally accredited consultant conference interpreter and translator in English-Chinese (Mandarin) language pair with more than a decade of experience. Although he is a Ph.D holder in Engineering, it is no coincidence for his career as a professional interpreter and translator. With the solid foundation in both languages and a passion for intercultural communication, the path of a professional interpreter seems like a natural choice given an anchor point to start. The backgrounds in engineering and in research studies complement him with more agility to adapt to the different topics in interpreting and grow faster than the average in this industry.

Born and raised up in mainland China, he has the privilege of being immersed in the traditional and modern Chinese culture, life and history that overseas Chinese may hardly have access to, besides the language advantages.  As a double national champion in English written and speech contests while in the university back in China, he has topped all the charts in college for non-English majors (although he has a double major degree in English as well). After moving to Singapore some 11 years ago, his passion for the cross-language communication continued to drive him to learn the Singaporean life, local culture and history. In 2005, his essay has been chosen as one of the best 200 entries by the International Students Committee as a student ambassador with a complimentary attendance to the St. Gallen Symposium (http://www.stgallen-symposium.org/) which is a forum for young student leaders from around the globe.

He has been a simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreter for numerous world-famous speakers, industry and government leaders including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Chen Tianqiao, Liu Changle, Zhu Jun, Li Xiaolin, Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, International KungFu Star Jet Li, and for many famous events such as APEC CEO Summit, World Cities Summit, Mayors' Forum, Singapore International Water Week, Global Entrepolis Singapore, etc.. He has been accredited as a voting member of ATA (American Translator's Association) since 2008. As a consulting interpreter, he also helps provide consultancy and organize multi-language interpreting teams for large conferences in the region.

Language Category Awards (Non-native)
- Champion of National English Public Speaking Contest for College Students (First Prize) in China
- Champion of National English Contest for College Students (First Prize) in China
- Best Entry of St. Gallen Symposium by International Students Committee (Top 100 of 1000+ submissions worldwide)