Bernard Song – Professional Interpreter in Singapore

Effective translation requires deep expertise in the languages and being familiar with the demands of those who require such services within their respective contexts. As an internationally accredited consultant conference interpreter and translator, Dr Bernard Song has a wealth of experience in understanding the requirements of interpreter and translator arrangement as well as equipment set-up. Much of his expertise is derived from his years of providing English to Chinese translation and Interpretation to a wide range of clients. They are comprised of world-famous speakers and esteemed individuals at premium-level conferences. This gives him the edge in providing exceptional counseling services to clients in Singapore, as well as those within and beyond Asia.

What It Takes

When looking for professional translation services in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, it is important to take note of your translation demands as these may vary in different situations. For large conferences, for instance, clients are typically advised to leverage state-of-the-art interpreting equipment that is extremely helpful in supporting the professional interpreters during the event. This ensures that all translation is carried out audibly and seamlessly.

With Singapore frequently hosting such premium conferences, Dr Song provides local conference organisers with easy access to professional translation services and guides them through every step of the way. The consultancy offered by his team has always been delivered with optimal expertise to clients in Singapore and beyond – we are whom you can trust.

Should you be looking for professional English to Chinese translation services or any other language services for your next event in Singapore or overseas, reach out to our team!

Find a professional interpreter in Singapore!

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    Step 1

    Our certified interpreter-consultant asks you the right questions

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    Step 2

    Advises you the most optimal solutions for equipment setting

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    Step 3

    Organises a team of the best professional certified interpreters in Singapore

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    Step 4

    Provides a transparent cost estimation with no mark-up

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    Step 5

    Sign ONE contract with single-point contract and payment

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    Step 6

    Make all necessary arrangements with professional interpreters and equipment provider in Singapore

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    Step 7

    Interpret, manage, and coordinate onsite with multiple parties

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    Step 8

    Efficient communication to prepare for your event, conference or business meetings.


Simultaneous Interpretation & Consecutive Interpretation

Through our extensive network of professional conference interpreters, our professional interpreters cover various conference interpretation services, including simultaneous, consecutive and whispering, both on-site and over-the-phone, for all sorts of business in Singapore...


Equipment Rental

With a strong background in technology and good connections with local providers in APAC, our certified team provide interpreting equipment of the highest quality and the on-the-ground IT support for all kinds of meetings and conferences, both local and regional. Learn more.


Certified Translation

As a certified translator in Singapore, Dr. Song provides certified translation with a statement signed by himself attesting that his translation is true to the original text. Learn more!


Motivational / Sales Training Interpreting

Interpreting for a motivational or sales training session may appear to be no different from any regular conferences, seminars or classroom-based trainings, but it’s not true. Click to learn more about content, motivational or sales training...


Audio Translation

Our professional audio translation service helps you convert high volumes of audio recording directly into targeted languages and dialects, such as Cantonese and Hokkien, in a cost-efficient manner. Read more.



Over the years, Dr. Song has also been working as a part-time voice-over artist, both Mandarin and English, for various occasions, including video games, presentations, training materials, as well as commercials...



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