Accredited English-Mandarin (Chinese)
Consultant Conference Interpreter
Member of AIIC and ATA
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) Expert

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Whether you’re having an online or offline event, or even a combination of them (hybrid), we are here to help and support you!

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Simultaneous Interpretation & Consecutive Interpretation in Singapore

Working hand-in-hand with clients for live translation services, Dr. Bernard Song provides the best conference interpretation solutions based on requirements for working languages, event format, be it online, offline or hybrid, and working environment without stretching their budget.

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He is one of the most talented I have ever seen being such a successful simultaneous interpreter and translator at such a young age. Dr. Song is also an outstanding professional interpreter with over 8 years’ experience in scientific, engineering, finance, marketing and general translations. He has helped me with some article translations occasionally, and last year he translated my book Every Family which I am very satisfied with. Besides, he is always an optimistic, helpful person with his own dreams. And I wish him all the best as a successful conference interpreter and translator.

Mary Loo, Director of Propnex Realty Pte Ltd

The largest Real-Estate agency in Singapore

He is humorous and open-minded, easy-going and always ready to acquire new knowledge. My client base ranges widely from marketing & finance to engineering & science, for all the projects assigned to Bernard, be it interpretation or translation, he would always deliver fast with high quality.

Adria Chew, Manager of TTI Translations

A division of Proteus International Group

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Forum had to make a swift decision to move our workshop online and deliver it through a webinar. The content of the workshop was somewhat technical, and the audience mainly used Mandarin as a first language. We engaged the help of Bernard, who provided Forum with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) service. Bernard and his colleagues were truly professional. With a short turnaround time, he and his team were able to grasp the technical content and deliver without missing the intention of the message, which is often the biggest challenge in interpretation. Bernard also has fantastic IT skills and supported us with the webinar test run and set up, making the whole process a lot less stressful, allowing us to focus on content delivery. His vast experience as a consultant interpreter, together with his technical knowledge and hands-on experience in remote simultaneous interpretation service, would benefit any organisation looking to do a multi-language webinar.

Jessica Ng, Forum for the Future

Dr. Song has been working with us for the past decade, providing multi-language interpreter teams for our high-level conferences and events. In addition to a top-notch interpreter himself, he also has a good eye selecting the right mix of interpreters in different languages based on our event requirements and budget needs. He has also given us tremendous help in advising the right setup and using the appropriate remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platforms this year during the pandemic, which navigates us through the unchartered waters and delivers a successful event.

Senior Event Manager, Organizer of Singapore Governement-level events

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Dr. Bernard Song