Simultaneous Interpretation & Consecutive Interpretation in Singapore

Working hand-in-hand with the client, our simultaneous interpreters in Singapore offer the best conference interpretation solutions based on requirements about working languages, event format and working environment without stretching their budget.

Through our extensive network of professional conference interpreters, we cover various conference interpretation services, including simultaneous, consecutive and whispering, both on-site and over-the-phone, for all sorts of business engagements, in all major languages and dialects in the region, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Malayu, Bahasa Indonesian, Tamil, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

Why choose Our Conference Interpreters

Dr Bernard Song has had years of experience in professional interpretation. Born and raised in China, Dr Song has acquired an immense passion for language at a tender age. He took a keen interest in English and sought to further expand his linguistic capabilities. Dr Song started out as a humble Chinese interpreter in Singapore, since his early days in the translation industry, he has developed and grown into a competent and reliable interpreter.

Now, Dr Song has acquired an extensive portfolio from working with numerous clients. Having worked for a vast number of well-known speakers, he has built up an impressive reputation amongst his clients. As a seasoned professional, Dr Song has trained and sourced for the best conference interpreters to create his dynamic and talented team of conference translators who are ready and willing to serve you at your next event in Singapore.

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How to Get In Touch with Us

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